Furry Fur Earrings

This soft and cute fur earrings adorn with the shiny glass beads, they are eye catching and making you feel like you are in the winter season~

 LE-109 White Furry Fur Earrings

LE-110 Light Brown Furry Fur Earrings

LE-111 Turquoise Furry Fur Earrings

Furry Fur Earrings
MYR13 each pair

Product Description:
  • LE-109 White Furry Fur Earrings
  • LE-110 Light Brown Furry Fur Earrings
  • LE-111 Turquoise Furry Fur Earrings
  • Handmade
  • Soft and cute fur ball adorn with glass beads hanging on the silver ear-hooks.
  • MYR 13 per pair (not included postage)
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