Your Face Shape and Earrings

I like how Alicia Keys wears the round earring, it is jz simply stunning, I like round earring too but I have to wear it carefully because I have a big face (*I think), and I found an article about Your Face Shape and Earring from a fashion blog MillonLooks  which giving us the very useful tips on how to choose the best earring for the face shape.
Your Face Shape and Earrings -
Posted by Veronica Valter

 make any woman look more charming and attractive. There are appropriate types for every occasion and any woman.
Due to the fact they are close to the face,  must compliment one’s face shape. There are also several basic styles that can be worn from day to evening and are appropriate for a variety of clothing options and occasions.
How to choose ?
You should identify your face shape first to decide what style of will compliment your face best. Consider what will enhance your good features. Take into consideration the cut and color of your hair, your skin tone, your body size and clothes you’re wearing.
Read more on MillonLooks how to choose the earring for Round Face Shape, Oval Face Shape, Heart Shape Face and etc.

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